Tuesday, February 18, 2014

goodbye trust

and just like that, another reason
'i love you's are all lies
you'd say those words with fingers crossed
and gaze into my eyes

and there you go, you broke me heart
and laughed at my despair
you've given me another reason
to never, ever, care

you took her home and held her hand
did you kiss her forehead too?
did you cuddle in my safest place
where everything you said was true?
did her hair fall across that same pillow
where i didn't feel alone?

did your fingers interlock and rest
where i once let someone in?
did you kiss her in the very spot
i believed that you were listening?

did you ever think,
just for a moment
of my smile and my skin
when you took her home and into bed
and ruined everything?

did anything i ever said
mean anything to you at all?

did i mean anything to you at all?

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