Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Happy little moments

"our kids are never wearing snowsuits this expensive"

It's the little things that you let slip that make me love you even more ❤️

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

To be

I want to marry you 
I want to wake up with you every day 
I want to buy a house together and plant a garden 
I want my family to be your family 
I want everything I do to be with you 
I want kiddies 
I want dogs 
I want to take on the world with you 
I want to walk down the aisle and see you at the end 
I think about our marriage all the time 
About how excited I'll be when you propose 
When I can call you my fiancĂ© 
When you see me in a white dress 
You'll look so handsome 
And I'll be your princess
I love you so much that all the things I used to think we're lame now just seem like a fun time 
I love you so much codybear I want you forever 

I miss you

I meet each moment with a throb 
Of longing in my chest 
Each second I'm away from you 
My heart gets more depressed 

Every mile cuts me like a knife 
Every breath drags on too long 
Counting down to every sunset 
Waking up alone at dawn 

I love you so much baby
You're my light, my life, my heart 
I've never felt a hurt like when 
We're forced to be apart 

Sunday, August 23, 2015

i've met my true love

there was a time when i was lonely
i was guarded, i was sad

& then i met you

there was a time when i felt nothing
i was careless, i was numb

& then i met you

an empty heart once filled my chest,
despondent, purely blue 
wishing for someone to love
& then i met you 

the first time that you touched me 
it was just like movies said;
something changed inside of me 
as all of you rushed to my head 

i could say it felt like magic, 
i could say it felt like fate, 
and in fact, it felt like everything 
you'd feel with your soulmate 

i love you more than anything
you're the water in my rain
the meaning of my smile
and the coals beneath my flame 

i've been dreaming of our future
conjuring pictures in my mind
of front porch swings and wedding rings 
of your heart faded into mine 

i've met my true love 
i am his and he is mine 

Saturday, August 22, 2015

Thursday, May 28, 2015

how i will be a better partner

  • be honest about my feelings
  • do not apologize for being hurt or making him feed bad about a valid issue you have
  • communicate with the intent to solve the problem together instead of to make him feel as bad as i do 
  • understand and accept flaws
  • chose not to be petty 
  • do not demand to be first priority, i am not in a position to have that expectation 
  • make fair judgments
  • chose a loving response over a confrontational one 
  • forgive unintentional hurt feelings without announcing it 
  • accept that i desire an unreasonable amount of love and attention and appreciate how much i get already
  • do not resent that i am not his entire world 
  • do not be jealous where no reason exists 
  • stop doubting his love and intentions; he isn't like the others 
  • trust that he means what he says 
  • love him with all of my heart and do not forget to show it 
  • try my best to be a kind, loving, reassuring and stable person always 
  • be the partner that i want and lead by example  

tomorrow and forever

It's overwhelming how I love you
How I always crave your touch
I didn't know I had it in me
To want a person quite this much

I can't imagine another love
There is no one after you
It may be early but I am sure
I'll never do better than you

I want to wake up tangled in your arms 
See your smile every day
Sleep together in a bed we've made 
Until we're old and grey