Monday, May 23, 2011

I Know Where You Live Pt.II- Those Dancing Days

Obsession is a curse that
No one runs away from
Even though you know that
You will hate the outcome
Making you believe there is
More to his breathing
And the look he gave while leaving
Your last caress made one big mess
And you have to make it right
Cause that's what it's about

I love everything about your life and
I won't stop until I know that you'll be mine
I will follow you at all time and all around
I have to make you mine to
Get you off my mind

Frustration is a state of mind always on time
Breathing down your neck and
Always at the front line
Brings you to conclusion of
Total mass confusion
When it's clear I want you near me
My dire wish for just one kiss
Will make me go insane
So let's try this once again

I love your life and
I won't stop until
I know that you will be mine
I'll follow you at
All time and around
I won't stop, I'll make you mine

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

sometimes i need a reminder

don't ever entrust your whole heart and happiness to another person,
you know what you love and what makes you laugh better than anyone


it's all far too pretty to care about you now

Thursday, May 5, 2011

dumb girl stuff

its funny how
i think you dont know me
think its your first impression every time
that you're near me

you've seen me before
and you know what i look like
why's it so hard to accept
that you like what you see

start thinking about my flaws
everytime i think of you
you've only ever said i'm beautiful
but i don't feel good enough for you

why dont i feel good enough for you
when you aren't good enough for me?

but i get self conscious
and i dont feel worthy
and then i get so scared
you won't think that i'm pretty

why is being pretty to you
so important to me?

spend hours doing myself up
when you've seen me at my worst
and you've never stopped looking in my eyes
why do i always think that you will this time?

why do i get so nervous?
why do i get so shallow?
i know you like me for who i am
why can't i believe it?

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

she's a secret

wild horse is in the city
stopping traffic and looking pretty
but she wants to run home
she's all alone

smokey eyes
powdered skin
lights out she's about to begin

she's not what you think
she's not what you know

darling bluebird in the backyard
broke her wing so she can't go too far
she's stuck but her eyes are lively
and dear, her song is so lovely

infectious smiles
tasteless jokes
four hundred mirrors and wisps of smoke

she's not what you think
she's not what you know

Monday, May 2, 2011

paisley and piranhas

i'm paisley and piranhas
a tsunami in the bahamas
i am peaches and i'm cream
i'm a liar and i'm mean

la la la

my laughs infectious
my jokes are tasteless
swear like a sailor
sew insults like a tailor

la la la

i want a boy with flowers
to take me away for hours
but i need my space
so he can wait for me in outer space

la la la

pink jellyfish in your bathtub
barbed kisses on your ankles
an iceberg in a sauna
im paisley and piranhas

Sunday, May 1, 2011


i want you
just so i can let you go
i need you
just so i can let you know
that you are nothing to me

look at me please
i want to look away
hurt me dear
i need someone to blame

define me
i want to defy you
say that you love me
because i need someone to lie to

but you have to forgive me
forgive me every time
'cause i'm everything to you
and i want you to be mine