Monday, January 30, 2012

Thrown Out

Eons passed and I relapsed
My determination wavered
I began to stagger
A moment passed, lost in time
And took with it the conviction I’d so long nurtured

Frozen lakes and frozen gaze
It was safer in the trees
Standing in the middle of the ice
Longing for forever unseen

My tracks so obvious
Leading straight to my shivering form
Easy prey, easily torn
Like the ice which holds me;
Easily broken

I hid, I hide
But I can feel the forest die
Shrinking faster that I can chase
Leaving me in this empty space

Galaxies formed as I stood on darkened land
But I can see them now that I am where I stand

Thursday, January 26, 2012

doubt conquers all

doubt until i'm broken
no hope left in this face
hidden hopes, forgot, unspoken
they cannot undo this pain

the sun peaks at the brink of day
but at the brink, i am insane
no sun at this brink, no light that i could speak of
just long shadows and long standing doubts

expectations are the enemy
they rip and they tear
they break pace, and i break face
the wound that caused the scar

each step leads to a stumble
every dream becomes a nightmare
expectations never live
only doubt is fair

Sunday, January 15, 2012

breaking point

 im tired of comparing, contrasting, despising and regretting.  see you soon april 19th.