Sunday, January 26, 2014

so close...

giving up
caving in
breaking down
i'm worn too thin
so close to cracking
a hundred fractures held together by nothing
maybe it's time to fall apart.

i am so alone

and all i can do is cry.

trust is pointless

no one wants your burdens

you are fodder for gossip, nothing else

don't allow yourself to trust those who don't love you

aka. don't trust anyone.

retreat retreat retreat back to your mind, they can think it's all fine, don't show them inside, goodbye.


stop pretending they don't tear apart
every word you say
don't fool yourself into thinking
they care about your day

or your week
or your month
or your life

you're just another inconvenience
a gossip topic
bitch and moan about you

don't fall for kind words
not this time

time to fall away

Thursday, January 16, 2014


i see your body
i see mine
you're so beautiful
and i am just me

i see your brain
i see mine
you're so intelligent
why am i just me?

what do i mean 'just me'?
why does 'me' mean lesser?
why can't i be good enough for myself?
why must i compare?

Sunday, January 5, 2014


surround myself with noises
anything to cloud my mind
i'm sick of making choices
i'm not making them this time

my brow is always furrowed
and my fists are clenched dead white
i wake up each morning angry
go to bed mad every night

i'm angry at the people
who entrap me in their games
i'm pissed at all the liars
who use me for their selfish gain

all i'll build is walls now
to keep out everyone
no one's allowed to see me
i am fucking done.