Wednesday, September 16, 2015

To be

I want to marry you 
I want to wake up with you every day 
I want to buy a house together and plant a garden 
I want my family to be your family 
I want everything I do to be with you 
I want kiddies 
I want dogs 
I want to take on the world with you 
I want to walk down the aisle and see you at the end 
I think about our marriage all the time 
About how excited I'll be when you propose 
When I can call you my fiancĂ© 
When you see me in a white dress 
You'll look so handsome 
And I'll be your princess
I love you so much that all the things I used to think we're lame now just seem like a fun time 
I love you so much codybear I want you forever 

I miss you

I meet each moment with a throb 
Of longing in my chest 
Each second I'm away from you 
My heart gets more depressed 

Every mile cuts me like a knife 
Every breath drags on too long 
Counting down to every sunset 
Waking up alone at dawn 

I love you so much baby
You're my light, my life, my heart 
I've never felt a hurt like when 
We're forced to be apart