Wednesday, January 14, 2015

i'm being immature.

every time i say i'm leaving
i see it in your eyes
considering if this is worth it
when it'll just end in goodbye

i see the hurt flash on your face
and your voice so slightly crack
when i talk of far and distant lands;
of never coming back

i'm guarding the distance between us
keeping my feelings at bay
because my heart cannot be broken
if i'm the one that's gone away

maybe i just keep pushing you
to see if you will stay.

Monday, January 12, 2015

i want what you've got

you complain about your body
'bout your stomach and your thighs
and all i think while your complaining
is haven't you seen mine?

future plans

i've always dreamed about the day
it'd all fall into place
i'd get some golden opportunity
and move so far away

i'd see myself in mountains
or in deserts or on seas
no matter where i saw myself
i was finally free

but the time is finally coming
when i can actually just go
and it's getting pretty scary
when every door stays closed

for all of my planning
my networking, my work
it's all fruitless ambition
if no one trusts my worth

i wonder where you'll find me
just a couple months from now
i hope it's somewhere wonderful
and not just broken down

Sunday, January 11, 2015

what are you doing with me

i don't have my life together
i'm too dumb and a little fat
there's no way i'm good enough
for somebody like that

i don't get why he's doing this
why he's making me feel loved
can't he see he'll waste his time with me
there's no doubt i'll fuck this up


i want it to come back
i don't know why it's gotten better
i miss the feeling