Sunday, August 23, 2015

i've met my true love

there was a time when i was lonely
i was guarded, i was sad

& then i met you

there was a time when i felt nothing
i was careless, i was numb

& then i met you

an empty heart once filled my chest,
despondent, purely blue 
wishing for someone to love
& then i met you 

the first time that you touched me 
it was just like movies said;
something changed inside of me 
as all of you rushed to my head 

i could say it felt like magic, 
i could say it felt like fate, 
and in fact, it felt like everything 
you'd feel with your soulmate 

i love you more than anything
you're the water in my rain
the meaning of my smile
and the coals beneath my flame 

i've been dreaming of our future
conjuring pictures in my mind
of front porch swings and wedding rings 
of your heart faded into mine 

i've met my true love 
i am his and he is mine 

Saturday, August 22, 2015