Saturday, March 19, 2011

Next time, I'm going to say it.

Are you fucking serious? Everytime you see me, you're either trying to hook up with me or "laying down your wheels" for the weekend. You need to GET OVER YOURSELF. I don't like you, and I will never, ever let you touch me. You think you can come over here, talk to me for 2 minutes, and then I'll give you whatever you want? Do you seriously think you're worthy of ANY of my time? You are an STD-ridden douchebag, and I would SINCERELY appreciate if you stayed the fuck away from me. I used to like you too. I liked you for so long... because you used to be such a sweet guy. And then when you turned into a little shit, I still saw you as that nice guy. But these past few months have showed me that you aren't a nice guy who's made a few mistakes, you're an entitled twat playing nice. So, kindly fuck off.

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