Thursday, May 5, 2011

dumb girl stuff

its funny how
i think you dont know me
think its your first impression every time
that you're near me

you've seen me before
and you know what i look like
why's it so hard to accept
that you like what you see

start thinking about my flaws
everytime i think of you
you've only ever said i'm beautiful
but i don't feel good enough for you

why dont i feel good enough for you
when you aren't good enough for me?

but i get self conscious
and i dont feel worthy
and then i get so scared
you won't think that i'm pretty

why is being pretty to you
so important to me?

spend hours doing myself up
when you've seen me at my worst
and you've never stopped looking in my eyes
why do i always think that you will this time?

why do i get so nervous?
why do i get so shallow?
i know you like me for who i am
why can't i believe it?

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