Wednesday, November 23, 2011

how do i feel today?

i need to sort out my mind right now.

i feel ugly. disgusting. embaressed to see other people.

i feel stressed. stupid. i see everyone catching on while i struggle to catch up.

i feel like comprehension is impossible; that everything before this was a stroke of luck.

i feel my mind racing before i go out, incase i see him and have to relive it all.

i'm trying to keep my mind on lockdown.

i feel like i'm more self conscious these past two weeks than i've ever been in my life.

i feel tired, worn down. i feel sad.

i feel sick of my blood sugars. i feel like i'm letting myself down every time i go high, but i can't help it.

i don't know what to do.

i feel like at this point, i'm going to get complications sooner than later.

and i am absolutley terrified.

i just want it to stop.

i feel i am being drained of everything i once was proud of.

with each dosage, i feel more and more helpless.

i feel helpless


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