Thursday, November 14, 2013

well, thanks.

"i'd like to apologize,
for being kind of mean,
you see, for once you are the one that's loved
but you can't possibly be better than me.

i don't understand how it could be
that someone would want you.
he thinks you are the better choice
but that just isn't true

don't they see i'm skinnier?
that my hair falls down in curls?
don't they see i'm prettier?
that i'm better than you girl?

i'll be honest with you, liv
because we are best friends
i'm angry at your happiness
but hope we can make amends

do you remember all the other times
when i was the shining star?
everybody wanted me,
while you watched from afar?

i loved it when I knew you knew
that i was the better half
something like an ego boost
to see you kind of sad

i'm glad we can be honest
in this relationship of ours
i want to stress how undeserving
and unworthy that you are

gosh, i feel so much better
now that we've had this talk
remember, i don't want the best for you
but i'll always be your rock."

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