Wednesday, December 18, 2013

please don't go

you cry and beg and call to me
"livy, please don't leave
i screwed up once or twice, i know
but i love you, can't you see?

i loved you when i hit you
even when i called you names
i loved you with each bitch and whore
no dear, my loving never changed

and when you started sobbing
and i mocked your tear-tracked cheeks
please know i still adored you
when i damned you with my speech

when you tried to escape me
took your backpack and you ran
down in the snow, no where to go
know that i loved you even then

please don't go
i'm begging you
with all my fragile heart
i'll die without you near me
to tear and break apart."

despite your tears
your texts, your threats
i'm leaving, 'cause i must
for when you broke my broken heart
you also broke my trust.

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