Monday, January 17, 2011

heart break, mistakes

you made your choice
and i can't say anything
she's got you now
and i can't do anything

she's perfect
she's flawless
she's all that i'm not
but she'll break your heart

i'd keep you forever
you'd always be mine
i'd love and i'd treasure you
all of the time

and she'll only, she'll only break your heart

and i'll be there
when she leaves
a shoulder to cry on
when your heart only grieves

no intent, no motives
my heart not in mind
i'll be there for you
when she makes you cry

i'll be there for you
i'll be here forever

i'll nurture your heart, make you feel better
and you'll run off to the next girl
and i'll be here, when she breaks your heart

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