Wednesday, January 19, 2011



I heard things ended with the Little One. That sucks. I hope you're doing ok. And I'm not just saying that, I know how you're feeling, I wouldn't wish it on anyone. Especially you. But it'll all be ok, don't worry.

We've been speaking more lately. Well, not speaking, but joking on facebook. I've really enjoyed it. Through all the heartbreak and fiery hatred, I always forget how much I actually enjoy talking to you. I think we should be friends. And I know what that means for me. It means heartbreak and fiery hatred. But I like you, as a person, and I want to be friends with you. I don't care that my feelings aren't reciprocated. No, that's a lie, I do care, but I can manage. I don't expect anything anymore. But I like talking to you. When track finally comes, it's going to be fun hanging out all the time. I was nervous before, nervous I'd fall for you all over again, but I'm not now. I'm going to contain myself this time. I'll treat you as a friend, regardless of how I feel.

So, Boy, let's be friends, ok? None of this "heartbreak" bullshit. We are two people who get along, who like each other, and who have fun joking around with each other. Let's focus on that, instead of muddling it with overdramatic high school love.

insulin chick.

P.S. But if you do realize your feelings for me, please don't hesitate to voice them.

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