Sunday, October 2, 2011


1. yesterday i hugged a tree for a few minutes to try and feel a hundred years on my chest
2. i like the smell of leaves
3. i want a bunny
4. i wish i was tiffany aching from the discworld series
5. i want a dragon
5. i wish i was a witch
6. i watch myself think
7. i love my gecko
8. i throw all my clothes into my closet to make my room look clean
9. kind of like in my life
10. i just lolled
11. i like singing under my breath on walks
12. i pretend im in regency england when im by myself out doors
13. i love wildlife club!!!!!!!
14. guelph is the best place in the entire world
15. but i miss my best friends
16. i started crying yesterday thinking of seeing bianca
17. im starting to cry again because i just thought about her f
18. its ruining my mascara
19. my mouth tastes weird right now
20. tooooooooo mannnyyyyy pancakkkesssss
21. i feel loopy
22. but i love it
23. i want to research
24. i like talking to older, more knowledgeable people and learning!!!
25. i think i look different in pictures
26. i feel like dancing
27. i shake my leg when im sitting
28. so is one leg going to get way stronger than the other?
29. inheritance cycle book 4 comes out in 36 days
30. WOOHOOO!!!
31.i like that theres mud on my shoes
32. i want to watch planet earth
33. me and bianca could write for snl, i just know it
34. a girl said she liked my hedgehog sweater, weeeehooooiee!!
35. this is so fun to write!!!
36. what would i look like with red hair?? hmmm...
37. dont hate me for being fabulous!
38. lolololol
39. trees make me happy, they just keep growing
40. lions are cool
41. i wish i had a diabetic friend
42. i love special k, that sexy fox
43. my hands are colddddddddd
44. hilary duff is pissing me off
45. wheres a snuggie when you need one?
46. i drink too much coffee
47. and have a sever drug habit
48. but dont worry, they're prescription!
49. muahaha i had you going there didnt i? woohoo insulin!
50. turtles are so cool
51. and manta rays are bitchin
52. salamanders are so cute!!
53. i miss baking :(
54. and birdssssssssss
55. i like walking past the barns because for some sick reason i like the poop smell
56. it reminds me of being outdoorsy and shit
57. i hate shaving my legs, such a hassle
58. im screwed for  my midterm
59. i wanananannana take invert bio nooooow
60. i like me!!! :) xoxox insulin chick suck on dat motha fuckas

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  1. just made my day. I've been dying all day of sickness unable to find somethin to make me smile, seeing as its raining here today too.. but this.. right here... made me smile... yay.. iloveyousomuchxo