Tuesday, April 1, 2014

things i'm looking forward to

1. halifax to visit kels
2. canoe trip at massassauga in early may
3. canoe trip may 24 weekend
4. getting a paycheck!
5. getting my tax return
6. multiple camping trips this summer
7. road trip to a country megaticket in july
8. seeing the one direction concert in august with emily, shervin and josh
9. getting two new tattoos in may and another in september
10. new glasses this week!
11. i can get dogs in a year when i graduate :D a great dane and a german short haired pointer, just like i've always wanted.
12. voice lessons this summer
13. a lot of baking this summer!
14. fishing so so soon!!!!
15. having money to buy clothes and camping equipment :D tobi here i come....!
16. this may be the year i purchase a canoe!
17. getting a haircut when i get my tax return
18. and a pedicure
19. docks
20. warm weather

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