Friday, February 26, 2016

tell me again

i need reassurance 
i need you to tell me again about that future you sometimes think about 
about the wonderful life you know we'll have 
i need to hear it 

in the accident 
as my whole world was spinning 
i remember thinking that i'll never have my future with you now 
i saw my entire life with you flash before my eyes and vanish 
rings and dresses and blue eyed little kids 
as i screamed and rolled at that intersection 
my heart broke thinking that we would never have everything we had talked about 

so now i want you to say it again 
tell me again about it all over again 
make my heart race and eyes sparkle 
make me feel like i am everything you could ever need 
make me hold on to you tighter with everything you say 
smiling on your chest as you paint a picture of our wedding 
of dancing under the stars 
of how right it will all feel 
tell me about our kids 
how cute they'll be 
with my smile and your eyes 

please just tell me 
i know you don't like talking about it often 
but i like hearing it 
and there is nothing i'd like to hear more
than how everything is going to be as beautiful as i could ever dream 

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