Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Forgetful Little Goblin

I'm a forgetful little goblin.

My blood sugar at lunch was 17mmol/L. I forgot to give myself insulin for that delicious half of a cinnamon raisin bagel I had for breakfast. So I had to give myself 5.35 units before I even got to think about the dismal lunch I was about to (not) enjoy.

Hm. Doesn't 5.35 units seems like so much insulin? I guess that's what an 8:1 ratio will do to a girl, give her a 2:1 blood to insulin ratio. On the plus side, the DDevil (I just made that up now) has really improved my mental math. I may not have a functioning pancreas, but I can divide 40 by 8 like a champ!

Another joke I just thought of, imagine saying it in a really cheesy voice. Ahem. "This b.s is b.s!" ....heh. Get it? B.s stands for blood sugar. And bull shit. What a clever sugar free cookie I am.

Love your boo bear

insulin chickorita

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