Tuesday, October 26, 2010

meet the fabulous insulin chick


how nice of you to stop by, i don't think we're met before. please, sit down, make yourself at home. would you like some tea? scones? no? thats ok, i didnt feel like walking all the way to the kitchen anyways.

i should introduce myself i suppose. my name is liv, and im a 17 year old from the land o'lakes, or should i say great lakes. im also a type 1 diabetic, which i can only hope you deduced from the cool hip and trendy (too many adjectives?) title of this blog.

i was diagnosed march 3, 2003. i was a cute little nine year old with long blonde hair and a star soccer player. but then i lost weight, putting me just above 40 pounds, i stopped eating, sleeping, and attending school was as rare as a unicorn in bermuda (which is quite rare, only 3 recorded sightings.) and i went on down to my doctor, and then i went on down to the hospital, and then i stayed there for 4 days, utterly confused about what was happening. and here i am today.

still blonde. still playing soccer. a lot taller though. i like fantasy books with dragons and witches, playing computer games, fashion, zoology, acting, baking, singing, writing, and chillin wit da brahs. i dislike insulin pumps, blood glucose, hpa1c's, and calluses.

I shalt now delcare thoust magnificent blog thy funkalicious diabetic diary.
(with other stuff on it too!)

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