Friday, October 29, 2010

Insulin Emotions

Hey bluebirds,

Uh oh. I did a bad thing. I did a very bad thing. I was mean to my dear beautiful mother last night. And I feel AWFUL. Problem is, due to a horrid combination of high blood sugar and uh...."shark" week, I almost feel like I should just be forgiven because it wasn't my fault! I just wanted to get mad at SOMETHING, and she was there. And now I'm getting the silent treatment, and will almost definetly be banned from attending any halloween parties. I wish I could go back in time and say, "LIV, RELAX! GO READ A BOOK, DON'T PISS OFF YOUR WONDERFUL MUM!". But, alas, as a teenager I must have these monumental screw ups so I don't do the same thing while I'm attempting to make my way in society as an adult. You know when you want to go apologize to someone and hug it out and have it go back to normal, but even getting near them gives you frost bite from the cold shoulder they are giving you? I have that. Come on, ma, I already have rainods, my feet are cold enough, just smile at me!

All of this stress and guilt is not helping my blood sugar.


Your regretful chickieboo

Insulin Chick

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