Wednesday, March 26, 2014

the me from there

lying back on granite
looking up at a northern sky
my toes dipped in the water
gentle waves lapping against my skin
listening to the chirps of spring peepers
the cry of the loons
the quiet buzz of life all around me
no one can get me here
here i am safe
here i hold my heart in my own hands
here, i know myself
i am capable and strong
the me from here would not cry over anyone
the me from here takes midnight paddles
and sunrise casts
sunset fires
and midday naps
the me from here doesn't need medication
she doesn't need him or them 
the me from here goes skinny dipping and sings an off-key tune
the me from here is delighted in herself
she giggles at the ridiculous and compares herself to no one
she's absolutely perfect the way she is
the me from here lays with her back to ancient rock and looks up at even older ones
she's connected to it all
a tiny, hopeful speck of conscious stardust
the me from here is surrounded by galaxies and life and honesty
they don't know the me from here
i bet he would have loved her

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