Monday, February 21, 2011

hiding behind a wall of hurt

everything you say to me
makes me love you even more
then it's replaced with unbreakable skepticism
when i remember all the times before

searching for dark undertones
in every smile sent my way
what used to make me beam
is now just brushed away

i've built a wall
around myself
of suspicion and uncertainty
i won't be fooled into thinking
that you want to know me

i know it's a game for you
i'm not a person, just a girl
but you've become too confident
if you think i can be fooled 

i have no hope in your revelation
that i'm the only one you need
all i can do is try to control myself
because we will always stay a dream

i refuse to be a number
or a story for your friends
you just want me because i'm wary
i can see straight through each word you send

but i still want you
so badly, everyday.
but i can't deal with you again
so i must stay far away.

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