Wednesday, February 16, 2011

i wish magic was real.

i'm rereading Eragon, and holy shit i wish i had a dragon so much. (by have i do not mean own, a real dragon would not abide having an owner.. what i mean is a partership and a mental link in which we share all our thoughts and speak with our minds and love each other and are best friends and he/she lends me some of his/her strength so that i can complete complex magic) (also, i would be an elf... not a pixie/gnome, a real, elegant, noble, elven warrior, tall with shimmering hair and heightened senses and faster than any man and a higher capacity to do magic and able to speak the ancient language fluently from birth)

.... it is weird that this is not an occasional thought, but one i have each day and can ponder for hours?
..... yeah, it's weird
....i don't care though, i just want it

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