Monday, February 21, 2011

high as a kite

nothing better than a day long, unbeatable high sugar. woooooo.

seriously though. this shit has got to stop. i have tried everything. it won't go away.
i am close to tears, but i have to contain myself; they will only make me higher.

i haven't told anyone in my family that i have been terrible today.
they would accuse me of doing something wrong.
but i haven't.
i've over injected, changed sites, drank copious amounts of water.
yet it lingers...

this shit is frusterating.
i want to cry.
maybe i will.
it's not like it will matter in the long run.
like my eye doctor reminded me: good control doesn't stop complications, it just gives you a bit more time.
but what is time anyhow? will 2, 5, 10 years matter? i will die regardless.

mother fucking fucking fuck shit balls fuck fuck fuck fuck shit shit fuck

this is stupid. this is not right. i do not like this.

i did not ask for this.

please, somebody help me.

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