Tuesday, February 8, 2011


I'll sit here crying because you beat me again
You took my life and sent me to hell.
I'm in a game I can't win yet you refuse to finish me off
Preferring to watch my slowly perish,
My anguish sends shivers down your spine.
All I can do is hate you, for my efforts are for naught.
All I can do is wait for you to finally beat me.
My final breath is coming closer, I feel it every day,
And I'll keep struggling to play this game, that is impossible to play.

... mother fucker I hate you so fucking much why why why why why is it me? why does it have to be me? I'll carry this fucking burden as far as I can but every time I stumble I get closer to falling... I never want to feel this again, this high that will last til tomorrow.... but of course I will, you are the epitome of torture.

And the worst torture in the world is being forced to think it's all your fault.

It's all my fault, you soulless fuck.

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