Sunday, February 6, 2011


i love myself
i love that i spent nearly two hours last night singing "weep you no more sad fountains"
i love that i laugh out loud when i'm by myself
i love that i read over old essays in hopes of improving my future ones
i love that i appreciate fine salts and vanillas
i love that i can recite passages from pride and prejudice
i love that i know the locker room monologue in cinderella story off by heart
i love that i say whatever jokes come to mind, regardless of who i'm with or if they are even funny
i love that i watch nature documentaries and loudly proclaim how amazed i am by what i'm watching
i love that i'm eating peanut butter off of a spoon, but not before dropping a few chocolate chips on top
i love that i have frilly aprons and imagine myself an elegant lady when i bake chocolate chip cookies
i love that i don't wear that much makeup anymore, that i'm accepting myself as i am
i love that sense and sensibility makes me cry every time
i love that i feel guilty when i skip through the whole movie just to get at emma thompson's crying scene
i love that i'm not embarrassed to have a tree frog poster
i love that i truly wish there were dragons so that i could befriend one
i love that i've listened to almost lover by a fine frenzy seventy three times and counting
i love that i'm not embarrassed if someone sees my pump anymore
i love that i don't feel lame saying i'm staying in anymore
i love that i make pancakes from scratch and add far too many chocolate chips
i love that looking at fancy cupcake liners and sprinkles online excites me
i love that my sparkly bracelets are across the room from my bookshelf stuffed with dragons and dwarves
i love that my pretty velvet top is currently hanging over my soccer bag and sweaty shin pads
i love that i walk around in lacy undies and heels on days i want to feel better about myself
i love that i eat far too much and care about it far too little
i love that i dance around the hall in the nude when i feel like i can get away with it
i love that i sing along to the music on my ipod
i love that i read the news
i love that i secretly think i could make it as an actress or a comedian if i wanted to
i love that i get excited in biology class because i love it so much
i love that i know who david attenborough is
i love that i care enough to ask and love enough to listen
i love that i dance along to my music
i love that i watch films and always wonder how i would play the role
i love that i have a good vocabulary and i'm a great speller
i love that people come to me to help them translate shakespearean texts
i love that i think of life lessons for myself
i love that i live my life based on the lessons in the last of the really great whangdoodles
i love that i get lost in a million different worlds in the fantasy section at chapters
i love that i don't want kids or a husband despite it being outside the norm
i love that i have weird dreams that keep me reviewing my life the next day
i love that i know how to put a worm on the hook and how to cast a baitcaster
i love that trees take my breath away
i love that i dream of bigger things
i love that i'm not afraid to cry
i love that i'm not afraid to love myself
i love myself.

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