Sunday, November 7, 2010

doctor coffee

"Hi. I'd like a medium cafe mocha and a sour cream glazed donut. Also, I would love if you could dispense some medical advice and blatantly judge me please."



Today, I am angry.

And offended.

You can tell because I'm using capital letters and proper punctuation.

Gather round, it's story time.

I was on break at work, so I went on over to Tim Hortons. I was standing in like when my glucose tester's alarm went off. Oops, it's out of batteries. So I went and bought batteries, filled 'er up, and went back to the Timmies line. I got to the cash and the man said, "You were in line before, weren't you? You just disappeared and now you're here again haha." So I replied, "Ya... I had to get batteries..." And he felt the need to inquire. "Batteries?" "Ya, for my insulin pump...." I was about to order when, "Oh you're diabetic? You shouldn't have a donut, you'll have to do a lot of insulin."  He did NOT just say that. "I know how much I need to do."  He turns around and prepares my mocha, and I take out my tester and quickly check my level. 6.7, hurray. Coffee Man hands me my mocha and says, "What's the verdict?" Refering to my blood sugar. I look at him, I look at the lady paying close attention behind me, I look back at him with a gaze that could make Voldemort envious..."Still diabetic."

As I stormed over to an empty table, as far from all human contact as possible, I literally wanted to punch a wall or cry my eyes out. I sat there for 30 minutes and thought of all the things I should have retorted with.

After I finished my lunch I went to the washroom, and I'll be honest and admit a tear or two found their way down my cheek.

How can someone who has known I'm diabetic for 8 seconds truly believe they know better than someone who has had it for 8 years? It boggles my mind. It boggles my mind how proudly people display their own ignorance, like a gold star.

It sickens me.

Kiss and a Squeeze,
insulin chick

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