Thursday, November 4, 2010

Feeling Musical

Hey lovebirds,

the lyrics to a new song

IT ALWAYS ENDS by insulin chick

i cannot handle
how it starts then always ends
ends in silence, never friends
it always ends

id break and i would bend
you’d lie and you’d pretend
and it would end
and ill stay lonely every night

i give too much of my heart away
and i expect you to do the same
every time i think that you wont leave
and every time it surprises me

i love just a little too much
and then it cuts just a little too deep
and im a fool with a thousand scars
from when you steal a piece of me

theres a million stars in the sky
and a billion people on earth
theres a trillion sparks in my mind
and not a soul who sees their worth

im not a swimmer
and im sinking rather deep
and the water wont stop flowing
from those rivers on my cheek

my legs are connected
to my heart and not my brain
they keep running in the wrong direction
as my eyes search for your name

oh oh but itll end
end in silence never friends
it always ends
it always ends

please please dont pretend to love me
but please please pretend to care
when i finally reach rock bottom
and realize you wont be there
cause you wont be there
and itll end.

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