Monday, November 8, 2010

im a princess and you are dirt

greetings friends,

i was in class this morning, we were learning about whats seen as ethical within the church.

so my teachers yip yapping away about divorce and marriage and im not paying attention.

she then uses me as an example. "if conner and insulin chick get married and when conner is 90, he dies, insulin chick, an 87 year old woman, will be a widow, and the church would allow her to remarry."

oh. awkward.

i wont live to be 87.

with the duke of edinborough, ill aquire some lovely complications and hopefully make it to my 70s, though earlier is more likely. becoming an 87 year old widow just cant happen for this little schnauzer.

just what i wanted to think about on a monday morning, my impending death and the goodie bag of poop ill get before it.

thanks miss.

ill write you horsies into my will,

insulin chick

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