Saturday, November 6, 2010


hey bluejays,

last night i barely slept.
i was thinking.
thinking about how much ignorance irritates me.
not ignorance about everything, im more than uneducated on a variety of subjects.
diabetes ignorance.
it just makes me angry.
what makes me mad is the blatant superiority some people display after i tell them.
and im not even exaggerating this, people look down on me.
because they do not think. they do not think to themselves "...hmmm, perhaps this is not the same disease my obese grandfather had, maybe i should ask her or keep my mouth shut insead of minimalizing something i know absolutley nothing about."
but people dont think that way.
so they tell me not to eat what im eating for lunch.
and i want to punch them.
and they tell me that it must be annoying that i have it.
and i want to punch them.
and they tell me that i should get a pancreas transplant.
and i want to punch them.

i seriously, seriously, seriously think us type 1 diabetics need to band together and form an educational campaign. it is ridiculous that the majority of our collegues, classmates, friends, and even family members, think that were living with a pain in the ass, not a pain ALL OVER. i think it is time we said that we will no longer take being demonized, have people judge us, think we caused this.

everytime a non-diabetic tries to tell me anything about diabetes,
i want to punch a kitten. and then them.

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