Tuesday, November 23, 2010

lame is the name of the game

hey boo bears,

there once was this very nice train.
it was a good train, but it had a problem:
it was not a very dependable train.
you could never be sure if it would take you to your destination
it was a very wobbly train, never moving at a steady pace.
it constantly took the wrong tracks and would wind up in the middle of no where.
but the nice train's unpredictability added to its appeal,
you were never bored riding this train.
i had rode it a few times, each time as unpredictable as the last
i didnt really like how unstable it was, it felt too dangerous for my humble tastes
so i started taking different trains
and those trains were fine and good....but i still thought of those few crazy rides on that very nice train
but no, i would say, you dont need a crazy train! be smart, stay safe, stop drop and roll, go on the good trains!
so i did
i bought a ticket
and stepped right back onto the lame shane train.
but this time i knew as i waited in like at the kiosk,
as i asked the lady for a one-way ticket,
as i stood beside the track,
as i quietly sat beside the window,
that i was eventually going to get off
just as dejected and heartbroken as all the other times.

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